That Awkward First Post…

You know, the one that after you’ve been blogging a while you look back on and be like “woah, what was I talking about, did I really think that?” So instead of simply throwing myself in and discussing anythign specific I thought I would simply say hi.

That’s right, the first Hello, World, post.

My name is Gary Jones. I’m 38 years old and I am a fitness addict. Not really, but I enjoy everything healthy living, weight loss, exercise, nutrition, etc. I have a beautiful wife, Cindy, and a newborn child, Travis.

I hold a bachelors in kinesiology and am very passionate about exercise and using it as a way to improve quality of life.

This blog will be a mix of health stuff, mindset hacks, and general information on me and my family.

I’m looking forward to building this community and engaging with everyone out there on this topic.

Until next time!

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